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About me.

From the inspiration of Annarita, an interior designer from Vicenza, Solo tua was born, a brand of unique and always different jewels.

The creations are made special by the various materials used, such as PLA, polyaptic acid, an innovative material derived from corn or sugar beet, entirely biodegradable and made using 3D printing, then completed entirely by hand.

Only yours fulfills the wishes of every woman who wants to express her personality in a unique and fascinating way.


To date, the designer manages and takes care of her social pages and a virtual shop, thanks to which you can choose, request and order your jewel.

According to his passionate opinion, it is important to remember, during the visit to the web page, the artisan starting point and to recognize its right value, in terms of quality and price, which has always been a reason for reflection in the world of the market.

The packaging and the shipping service are followed by the stylist herself, who takes care of particular packages with her own logo, bows and aphorisms, precisely to convey "a cuddle" to her women.

After all, "women know what it takes" as Luciano Ligabue reports in one of his famous songs.

Annarita Gasparella,

designer specializing in the creation of fashion accessories.


stand out

Every woman knows the originality,

every woman deserves a SoloTua jewel.

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