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The BRACELETS of the Solo_TUO collection have an exclusive design, completely eco-friendly thanks to the production technique that uses only PLA and no products of chemical origin.

These ecological jewels are compatible with the environment, giving the wearer: uniqueness, contemporaneity and respect for the environment.

Solo_TUO BRACELETS… are exclusive and designed to make every man sophisticated and original.

Precisely for this reason you can request your CUSTOMIZATION directly from the artist to create your favorite jewel.

Ask for info and contact ANNARITA directly!


Aesthetic aspects of the product:

Solo_TUO BRACELETS may have print residues in the upper or lower part of the product, due precisely to the distribution of the filament, a peculiarity that the artist absolutely does not want to modify, as it is the main characteristic of the type of processing.


The Bracelets can be simply washed with Marseille soap. They must not be left in the sun, in the car or in other places where they may lose their particular shape and color.


Brown legno
Legno grunge


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